Serving Others Through Discipleship

Deborah Johnson, Senior Director of Communications

It may seen slightly different for a school to allow their seventh through twelfth graders to spend an entire day outside of the classroom, but service projects days help set PCA apart!

On November 5 2015 more than 800 students and faculty members fanned out across the Dallas Metroplex to serve 21 non-profit organizations for the 13th annual PCA Service Project Day. This year PCA students cleaned kitchens, prepped food, served lunches, sorted donations, cheered for Special Olympics, played games with school children and visited elderly residents.

PCA senior Jaevin Reed said service project day is a day she always looks forward to.

“Whenever I’m serving someone else my heart is so happy, she said, serving shows me that God is so much bigger and it helps me not be self-centered.”

Service project day isn’t just a one-day thing at PCA. Many of the service activities are supported by lower school service projects throughout the year. Each month throughout the school year pre-k students create bookmarks, kindergarteners make candy gift bags, first graders assemble personal care items, second graders assemble toy bags, third graders attach encouraging notes to stuffed animals and fourth graders collect donations through the “Manna Monday” service project

Wendy Morris, Upper School Assistant Principal considers service project day a day of learning, she said.

“We can talk about it all we want, but we need to make sure we are living Christ-like leadership out and training our students to serve,” she said.

Serving others is one of the core values at Prestonwood Christian Academy. PCA upper school prepares for “minimester” in addition to service project day. Minimester is a week in the spring when students chose to go on mission trips locally, nationally or abroad. these events have created a culture of caring for others among the student body.

Dr. Larry Taylor, PCA’s Head of School, said service project day is honoring what The Lord challenged his disciples to do after He washed their feet.

“We want our students to understand that the community and the world is a classroom opportunity to learn, serve and invest in others,” he said.




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