The Most Important Part of Your Day

 Dr.Larry Taylor, Head of School

Have you been invited to join your children on their playground lately?

The reality is that as our kids get older a natural “playground” transition takes place. When they are young they insist that you join them on their “playground”-the place they love to play and have fun. You don’t have a choice but to join them playing in the backyard (building blocks, wrestling, etc.) they won’t take no for an answer. It doesn’t matter that you are wiped out from a long day at work or have chores to do around the house. As time goes by, those invitations decrease.

In fact, there are those stages when our children do not want us near their “playground.” It is tough to go through those phases, but it is part of the maturity process. What is my point? Two things- maximize the early years (usually up to age thirteen) and be more intentional in the later years (usually ages thirteen to eighteen).

The experiences on their playground are limited, so take advantage of them-don’t miss them. This is where the emotional closeness with your children is cultivated. An intentional family plan is crucial during this phase of parenting because it will establish proper work hours, daily routines and weekly fun experiences.

Trust me, the weekly visits to Dunkin’ Donuts with my sons (Bryce, Luke, Zeke and Chas) eventually started to decrease as the boys got older, but when they were young it was a simple and inexpensive way to be on their “playground.”

Research reveals a tug-of-war pattern between work and parenting in a child’s early years. Many parents are having children at the exact time their career is the most demanding. The hours at work are not as flexible and corporate career advancement is intense during this time. It is a true battle and one that I understand. This is another reason to have a family plan.

A family plan will discipline you to refrain from missing the most important part of your day-spending time with your family.


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